In many instances, the efficacy of a nutraceutical or functional food ingredient is tied to the manner in which it is introduced or delivered into the human body. Valensa has developed innovative delivery systems that enhance the effectiveness of natural ingredients in a variety of ways, including the use of nanotechnology, synergistic combinations of ingredients and the use of specialized manufacturing processes to retain desirable ingredients while removing constituents that can be considered harmful.


One example of our delivery system technology at work is seen in our Nanocosanol policosanol dispersions. Nanocosanol, the only nanodispersion of policosanols available today, closely mimics the dispersion of these fatty alcohols in nature and therefore can provide far better biofunctionality compared to traditional globular waxy policosanol extracts.

Another example of Valensa’s delivery systems technology at work is seen in our FruitAll™ Whole Fruit Complexes. FruitAll™ Whole Fruit Complexes are puree+seed extract formulations that utilize supercritical CO2 extraction, advanced freeze-drying and re-formulation under vacuum to create a powder that offers excellent taste and visually appealing appearance Valensa’s unique process for making FruitAll™ starts with separating the fruit pericarp from the fruit seeds. The fruit seeds are then extracted by safe carbon dioxide extraction to create a fruit oil. The pericarp becomes a fruit puree. The Whole Fruit Complex is then produced using a proprietary freeze drying process that protects all constituents from unwanted oxidation – a process that essentially recombines the puree with fruit seed oil under cold vacuum conditions that prevent the degradation seen in other common “whole fruit” products.

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