Valensa Enhanced Health

Valensa offers innovative, nature-based product formulations for human health. We improve everyday living by offering condition-specific formulations and branded ingredients to meet the needs of people interested in improved health, increased vitality and athletic performance, as well as graceful aging.

The primary product platforms of Valensa are condition-specific formulations that employ microalgae, botanical and unique compounds with specific health benefits. Valensa’s technology platforms include proprietary extraction, formulation, delivery/bifunctionality, and patented product stabilization.


Valensa’s formulations are designed to be highly absorbable, effective and easy-to-use. The company vigorously supports sustainable harvesting practices and manufacturing technologies that are environmentally sound. We are committed to production and processing that supports the Earth’s environment and also fair labor practices for those that work the land and participate in the production process.

At Valensa, we believe that innovation through the harmony of science and nature adds tremendous value for consumers with strong nutraceutical and supplement brands.

Valensa Enhanced Health since 1999


Valensa begins in vitro work for a unique Immune Health product

Immunum® formulated to address significant consumer need
100% Organic Chlorella tablets launched in US


Valensa Awarded Major Use Patent for Omega-3 Composition and Women’s Health products launched:

Perilla Seed Extract formulated with Plant & Marine Omega-3s
Go Easy® clinical trial initiated in Ireland
CranGyn Pro® launched for UTI health
FemCool® launched for Hot Flashes


Valensa Patents Eye Health product: Eye Pro MD®

Offers an efficacious formula clinically supported by the CARMIS study

Valensa launches formulation for regularity

Go Easy® launched with Patented Plant-based microspheres for safe and healthy bowel movement


Valensa/Parry acquires Astaxanthin Biomass Production facility

Chile-based Alimtec, to supply 100% of Valensa’s growth astaxanthin needs


Valensa has leads the way in Cardiovascular, Eye, Neurological & Joint Care

Deep Ocean Krill® launched. High quality Antarctic Krill Oil fortified with Valensa’s Zanthin® to boost astaxanthin levels and create a premium, stable krill oil
FlexPro MD® Joint health clinical trial successfully completed with 3 times better joint comfort than standard of care (Glucosamine Chondroitin)
FlexPro MD® Out licensed to one of the largest US Mass Market Retailers
Bio-available Astaxanthin + Perilla oil formulation out licensed to one of the leading marketers in the direct to consumer channel


Valensa Licenses Italian Research firm for Eye Health Clinical study

Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin based formulation in the successful CARMIS study (Carotenoids and Antioxidants in Age-Related Maculopathy)

Valensa begins shelf-stable Chia extraction

Tresalbio® Omega-3 Chia Seed Extract launched
ChiaMax® functional food launched
Tresalbio quickly becomes the Omega-3 of choice for gummy applications


Valensa begins Deep Extract™ ultra-high pressure supercritical CO2 extraction of saw palmetto, astaxanthin and spices

Only facility of its kind in North America devoted exclusively to the production of premium nutraceutical ingredients and formulations
USPlus® Saw Palmetto Extract – First dual patented product launched (solvent free)

Valensa becomes one of the nation’s top producers of astaxanthin

Valensa acquires LaHaye, one of the first astaxanthin pioneers
Tso Patent acquired for the use of astaxanthin in eye health management
Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin launched for Eye Health and as Antioxidant


Valensa’s FlexPro Products expand into in new channels

FlexPro MD® Out licensed to a major European Catalog Marketer
FlexPro MD® Out licensed to a major US Catalog Manufacturer
FlexPro ES® launched in collaboration with internet “Thought Leader”


Valensa develops unique Eye Care product based on CARMIS study

EyePro MD® launched
FlexPro MD® First joint health clinical trial (with astaxanthin-based formulation) initiated in the US


Valensa forms Partnership with Parry Nutraceuticals

Parry Organic Spirulina added to product line
SpiruZan® launched (First product to combine Spirulina & Astaxanthin)
Pur-Blue® launched (SpiruZan with Phytocyanin coating)
Science platform is created for cutting-edge multi-ingredient, condition specific, efficacious ingredients and formulations


Valensa develops O2B®Peroxidation Blocker technology

State-of-the-art technology protects products from oxidation and rancidification.
Significantly extends stability and shelf-life
Valensa offers the most stable astaxanthin products in the world


US Nutraceuticals (Valensa) founded in Eustis, Florida

Initiates supply chain and backward integration for processing Saw Palmetto
Incorporates state-of-the-art high pressure supercritical CO2 extraction technology

Valensa’s Vision

Valensa International is a leading science-based discoverer, developer and provider of high quality botanical sourced products for human health and well-being. We excel in the areas of nutraceutical supplements, functional foods, general nutrition, functional cosmetic ingredients and pharmaceutical formulations.

The core strengths of the company focus on creating the most advanced nature-based products in the markets we serve.

Our key technology platforms include extraction, formulation, delivery/biofunctionality, and product stabilization.

The company vigorously supports sustainable harvesting practices and manufacturing technologies that are environmentally sound.

Valensa believes that science-based creative ideas add real value for consumers, patients, employees and shareholders.

  • Science-based
  • Discovery & development
  • Botanical raw materials
  • Human health & well-being
  • High-tech, high-value products
  • Key technology platforms
  • Sustainability
  • Creativity adds value