At Valensa, when we develop our ingredients, we start with some of the most promising natural materials you can find – materials for which there is either a history of efficacy based on years of traditional use or scientifically-based performance in human nutrition and physiology based on clinical trials. It is through the use of technology, however, where Valensa adds real value to what nature offers us. We use that technology to both mimic as closely as possible the structure and function that nature offers us in these natural materials, and to improve on what nature offers in whatever way we can.


We’re more than just a provider. Our company offers custom solutions to advance your products.

Quality Assurance

From beginning to end, Valensa controls its process and products in a responsible fashion.

Extraction Excellence

Valensa uses a safe and highly effective method of extraction for optimal efficacy.


Safe and long lasting products are the result of our all natural process.