The Next Generation of Prostate Health Supplements

The Next Generation of Prostate Health Supplements – Consistency, Quality, and Trust in One

Being first can be both challenging and very rewarding.  At Valensa International, we have been a pioneer in production and process improvements to create the highest quality, unique, and patented saw palmetto extract in the world. Today, we are proud to announce another step forward.  Valensa International is the first company in the world to achieve US Pharmacopeia Verified Dietary Ingredient status for our saw palmetto extract, USPlus®.

The US Pharmacopeia (USP) sets a rigorous and high bar when it comes to ingredients that achieve certification under its Dietary Ingredient Verification Program (DIVP).   Ingredients that carry the USP Verified stamp of approval are manufactured to the highest quality standards; are tested to verify identity and quality; and must consistently comply to the USP monograph standards.  Achieving USP Ingredient Verified status is a testament to our company’s passion to deliver the highest quality products to our customers and to the consumers who are striving to make confident choices that will truly benefit their health.

According to Umasudan C.P., CEO of Valensa International, this milestone is a tribute to the Valensa team and its supply chain partners, and an important first for the consumer looking for a quality supplement for prostate health that they can trust.  “We see the tremendous variability in quality in saw palmetto supplements. And in some cases, what is claimed on the ingredient label is not actually what is in the bottle.  We share the consumer’s frustration in trying to find quality products that will work. Our investment in our manufacturing and supply chain operations, and our commitment to quality and standardization of saw palmetto extract to consistently meet USP has been done with our customers and the consumer in mind,” Uma said.  “The supplement industry faces a crisis of confidence.   We want consumers to be able to trust their prostate health supplement and believe that independent 3rd party verification is necessary to build confidence.  Trust is not something you claim; it is something you earn. By achieving US Pharmacopeia-verified status for our USPlus® saw palmetto extract, and being the first in the world to do so, we are delivering quality leadership our customers and consumers can trust.”

Mr. Larry McCarty, SVP of Production and Supply Chain for Valensa, stated that the rigor of the USP audit of the manufacturing facility, supercritical CO2 extraction process, and analytical laboratory procedures will give Valensa partners added peace of mind that when they choose USPlus® they are receiving the peace of mind of unmatched capability and commitment to quality.  “Meeting USP standards for USPlus® represents a convergence of our palmetto berry sourcing strategy our industry leading and patented DeepExtract® supercritical CO2 extraction technology, and our commitment testing and process excellence.  We will now operate under annual USP audits that will confirm our delivery of quality and consistency against the USP monograph.”

This achievement is a milestone for the saw palmetto supplement industry and of significant note because it brings a value proposition to the market that the consumer can trust.   And, it also points out the importance of verifying the identity of the saw palmetto product, like the USP-verified extract in USPlus®.  “Many saw palmetto supplements fail to provide a solution for prostate health because they are not a quality extract, or they do not have an effective amount of the beneficial lipids.  Valensa is pleased to be the first saw palmetto extract that can transform the value proposition for men looking for a prostate health supplement” said Uma.  The USP Dietary Ingredient Verification Program and Valensa’s partnership with American Botanical Council for sponsorship of Saw Palmetto through the Adopt-an-Herb Program are important strides forward in bringing quality, consistency and compliance to the market.  Building on science to deliver a quality-verified saw palmetto extract to the supplement industry is truly a tremendous next step.  Well done!