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Immune Health

Valensa’s Immunum™ immune supplement goes beyond Beta-Glucan, beyond vitamin C and zinc, and beyond echinacea. Immunum™ is American made, fast-acting with broad spectrum activity. Taken daily, it offers the broadest immune system priming needed to protect from bacterial, viral and fungal challenges. Clinically tested in vitro with human clinical trials underway, Immunum™ is the most exciting and innovative product to enter the supplement category in a long time.

Immunum™ Base Formula

Euglena Gracilis

The Immunum™ proprietary blend includes Euglena Gracilis, a whole cell, natural algae, containing multiple immune stimulating agents, including linear beta-1, 3-Glucan. Linear beta-1, 3-Glucan is the most efficient form of beta-glucan for binding with immune activating receptors in the body. This novel, first-to-market immune stimulating algae provides broad spectrum immune system priming, which goes well beyond beta-glucan alone. 

Spirulina extract

Immunum™ includes a proprietary Spirulina extract, which acts as a potent adaptive immune stimulator with both activating and resolving activity. Researched and discovered in the United States, the Spirulina fraction contained in Immunum™ complements the activity of Euglena Gracilis, providing a powerful combination not available anywhere else.

Clinical Trials

Immunum™ is a clinically trialed product. Recent in vitro work confirms the broad spectrum activity of the Immunum™ formula. Our current clinical trial will confirm that Immunum™ is fast-acting, and offers triple action immune support. The clinical dossier for Immunum™ will continue to grow, with several additional trials in planning stages for the near future.

The Human Immune System

The human immune system is a complex biochemical affair, which encompasses the entire body. Our immune system is on alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to bacterial, viral and fungal antigens which we come in contact through the air in our lungs, through microscopic cuts on our skin, through our eyes, nose & mouth and through our digestive systems in the foods that we eat.

Receptor molecules within our bodies recognize the antigens we encounter and send out signals through blood and lymph to call for a response. When we are young, this response is robust and quick. As we age, this response slows down, taking longer for our immune system to send the response.

Immunum™ bridges the response gap by priming the immune system to face these challenges. A daily dose of Immunum™ boosts your own natural defenses to bacterial, viral, and fungal challenges, shortening response time to resolution.

Innate and Adaptive Activity

The unique and proprietary immune formula contained within Immunum™ primes both the innate and the adaptive immune systems. A healthy immune system utilizes the circulation of innate immune cells like macrophages and neutrophils, and also adaptive immune cells like natural killer cells, T-cells and B-cells.

Resolving Activity

An important function of our immune system is that it both attacks foreign invaders and clears them away. Immunum™ has unique properties which assist in the clearance of the destructed antigens. This makes Immunum™ a powerful, broad spectrum immune modulator, ideal for daily use.

Every Day – For Robust Immune System Health

Incorporating Immunum™ into your daily health regimen makes sense. Whether your concern is an aging immune system, suppression through high impact exercise, exposure through work, school or travel, Immunum™ is the perfect immune supplement.