At Valensa, we continually work with stabilization technology as a means to ensure that our botanical materials reach the consumer in an efficacious and safe form. Stabilization is key to shelf life and continued product quality. At the same time, many of the materials traditionally used to stabilize natural materials – preservatives – are seen as negatives by consumers. Valensa has developed technology to safely and naturally address stabilization and preservation issues.

Natural products – particularly those that contain highly unsaturated constituents derived from animal or botanical sources – are subject to rapid oxidation and rancification if left unprotected. The normal solution to these problems – the use of traditional preservatives – is perceived negatively by consumers.

O2B™ Peroxidation Blocker System

Valensa’s O2B™ Peroxidation Blocker system is 100% natural, non-GMO and is designed to protect sensitive oils – particularly highly unsaturated oils that include those derived from fish and botanicals – from manufacture to consumption. The O2B Peroxidation Blocker is a synergistic, proprietary formulation of powerful natural compounds including astaxanthin, phenolic antioxidants and natural tocopherols.

O2B™ is an application-specific formulation that combines highly effective botanical ingredients to prevent destructive oxidative, photochemical and rancification reactions.


O2B™ is useful for protecting expensive and sensitive compounds such as carotenoids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is highly effective in delaying the onset of oxidation and rancification in a variety of extraction processes. In tests, O2B™ has been shown to extend the shelf-life of unsaturated oils as well as processed meat products.


As an additional and intriguing benefit, O2B™ has also been shown to boost the effectiveness of other anti-oxidants such as vitamin E because it can chemically quench stable vitamin E free radicals. In addition to preventing product damage, O2B™ contains powerful antioxidants that have in-vivo activity, thereby protecting both products and people.


The all-natural technology, which had originally been developed to protect and stabilize Valensa’s premium nutraceutical ingredients, is available to the general market for the first time. Ideal applications for O2B™ include botanical oil extracts with a high degree of unsaturation (such as flax seed oil), fish oil and processed meats such as sausage and hot dogs.


Valensa offers several standard application-specific O2B™ products, however, O2B™ is generally custom formulated by Valensa. This provides the optimal synergy of ingredients – tailored for the application at hand – taking into account the physical properties, the usage and the shelf-life requirements of the product to be protected. Valensa R&D personnel have experience with a wide range of ingredients and can transfer this experience to a customer’s particular application. Since many requirements and protection opportunities are unique, the O2B™ product can be custom designed to match the application needs. Valensa offers formulation services for selected customers.