Blog Series

New “Water Positive” Microalgae Cultivation System Achieves Sustainability Milestone

Special Report for World Water Day, March 22, 2019 —  Valensa International has announced that their parent company,  EID Parry, is the first known microalgae cultivation site in the world to…[read more]

Valensa Scientists Confirm: Chlorella Delivers Plant-Based Source of Vitamin B12

March 5, 2019 – For the millions enjoying plant-based diets, take notice: Two reports this week from Harvard University and the German Nutrition Society verify a previous report by The Vegan Society recommending vegan diet followers take a…[read more]

Awe-mazing Astaxanthin: Harnessing the Value of Anti-Oxidant Powerhouse Relies on Bioavailability

March 7, 2019– Scientists at Valensa International continue to be in awe of the anti-oxidant powerhouse called astaxanthin and are proud that they have a bioavailable…[read more]