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Build Your Brands with Patented
“Worry-Free” Chia Ingredients

Parry Acquires Alimtec

Zanthin NEX

Contract Biotics Expansion

Falls are a Problem for Middle-Aged with Arthritis

Valensa's President and CEO, Dr. Rudi Moerck

Valensa's President and CEO, Dr. Rudi Moerck speaks about Valensa International including the company's technology capabilities, team members, IP, Ingredients and Formulations and unique attributes.

Asta Dosing
Astaxanthin Dosing

More is NOT always better

Go Easy
Go Easy

Are you Regular?

Prostate 360
Prostate 360™

Science & Innovation for Prostate Health

Parry Organic Spirulina
Parry Organic Spirulina

The Organic, Green Superfood

Vzio Eye Health
Eye Health

Patented, Carotenoid-based Formula

GI Health
GI Health

Ingredients & Formulations for Gastrointestinal Health

Alcohol & Antioxidants
Alcohol & Antioxidants

Is drinking alcohol good for you?

Supplements for Human Health

Find out the truth about dietary supplements


The King of Carotenoids

Saw Palmetto

Florida's Botanical Wonder

Cholesterol Health
Prostate Health
Neurological Health
CNS Protection
Skin Health
Men's Health
Immune Boosting
Cardiovascular Health
Eye Health
Inflammation Reduction
Women's Health

Valensa presentations
Zanthin® XP-3TM

The Super Absorbant Astaxanthin Zanthin brand Astaxanthin combined with Perilla Seed Extract and Phospholipids

Saw Palmetto Videos
Pur-BlueTM SpiruZan®

The Power of Blue
No algae taste or smell. Just a powerful 1-2-3 immunity and anti-oxidant punch!

Valensa presentations
USPlus® Saw Palmetto

The Gold Standard for Supporting Prostate Health
Clinically proven and Patented Formulation

Omega-3 Chia Seed Extract
Deep Ocean KrillTM

Krill Oil Enhanced with Astaxanthin The most powerful carotenoid with the best marine-based Omega-3

Parry Organic Spirulina
Parry Organic Spirulina

Organic. Green. Superfood. The World’s Finest Spirulina!


Protein + Fiber + Omega-3s
For functional foods and more.

Perilla Seed Extract
Perilla Seed Extract

Superior & Balanced Omega-3 Source The highest Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio (6:1) of any botanical seed extract.

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